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Utilitarian Learning & Science: The Company Website Book

"The Company Website Book" is a living document on used to start, maintain, and grow Utilitarian Learning & Science.

Published onJul 31, 2023
Utilitarian Learning & Science: The Company Website Book

I am the author and editor of Utilitarian Learning & Science: The Company Book. Its purpose is to help fulfill the mission of my startup, Utilitarian Learning & Science (ULS). The company’s headquarters and the book’s pages are the website,,1 in the iFrame below. I started the website on May 13, 2023. Each “Pub”2 is a chapter, section therein, or another standalone-document in the book. Each Pub has information and knowledge to advance the company. Once there is a critical mass of Pubs, they will be organized into “Collections”3 analogous to “Parts” of a book. I may have coauthors on some Pubs, determined using the Contributor Roles Taxonomy. If the company is living, the book and website cannot be finished, but companies should make arrangements for their eventual death. I am investigating how to document the website’s evolution using Archive-It.

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