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Activities for Annual Review, 2022

Published onJan 23, 2023
Activities for Annual Review, 2022
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As a professor of criminology at Georgia State University (GSU), my primary functions are teaching, research, and service.1 This webpage publishes (“makes public”) my work activities for annual review, 2022. I share this information because public employees (i.e., taxpaid servants) should try, always, to be more transparent. This page is my most recent attempt, the first time I have published these activities. In the coming years, I will improve these annual reports as I learn from the experience of sharing them. Your feedback is welcome. Any corrections, additions, et cetera will be published on this page.

My department directed me to include the following information in my 2022 annual review materials.2

  • “An attached file or acknowledgement of completion and verification of your 2022 GSU Annual Report done through the Digital Measures platform.” I hereby acknowledge and verify.

  • “An attached file of your current vita with all 2022 activities highlighted as yellow text.” The first embedded file, below, is a Word-version of my CV with 2022 activities highlighted yellow.

  • “An attached file including your completed Faculty Yearly Activity (1 page max) and Faculty Goals for the Current Calendar Year (1 page max).” This file is embedded below, too.


Faculty members are expected to provide instruction and student advising as assigned by the departmental chairman.3—GSU Faculty Handbook

I instructed these courses:

  • Social Science & the American Crime Problem (CRJU 2200), spring and fall.

  • Digital Crime Problem (CRJU 3405), fall.

I advised4 these students on:

  • Working as a GTA, Kimani Cameron-Perry and Chi-Chi Moneke.

  • Serving as a managing editor, Josh Beck and Tasha Ramirez.

  • Passing the area exam paper, Murat Uzer.

  • Multiple graduate students, undergraduate students, and a Postdoc as part of my grant with Maimon and Wu (see below).


Faculty members are expected to participate in scholarly, research, and/or creative activities which enhance their professional development and contribute to their disciplines.5—GSU Faculty Handbook

I enhanced my professional development, and contributed to my discipline, with this published research and grant:

  • Jacques, Scott. “Ranking the openness of criminology units: An attempt to incentivize the use of librarians, institutional repositories, and unit-dedicated subpages to increase scholarly impact and justice.” CrimRxiv. [Open access here.]

  • Jacques, Scott, and Kim Moeller. “Toleration by Victimized Coffeeshops in Amsterdam.” Crime & Delinquency. [Open access here.]

  • Jacques, Scott. 2022. On NFTs and Crime. 5 Things To Think About. [Open access here.]

  • Jacques, Scott, and Eric Piza. 2022. “The Irony of Paywalled Articles Is They Can Be Made Open Access for Free: What It Means for ACJS Journals.” ACJS Today. [Open access here.]

  • Maimon, David, Yubao Wu, and Scott Jacques. “The Next Battlefield: Illicit Markets Hosted on Encrypted Communication Platforms.” Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis: A DHS Center of Excellence (August, 2022–July, 2023). Funded $200,000.


Faculty are to serve, as appropriate, on departmental, college, and University committees. In addition, they make discipline-related contributions to professional organizations or to the community. Faculty members perform University-related public service by conducting continuing education courses, by providing consultation, and conducting applied research.6—GSU Faculty Handbook

I served on these committees, and in these capacities, at GSU:

  • For my department, as member of the bylaws committee.

  • For my college, as director of AYS Open.

  • For the university, as Affordable Learning Georgia Faculty Champion.

I made these discipline-related contributions:

  • To professional organizations, as editor of …Qualitative…Criminology and International Criminal Justice Review; executive board member of SWACJ; member of the publications committee of ASC.

  • To the community, as director of Criminology Open; director of CrimRxiv.

I performed these university-related public services:

  • For consultation, Community Leader and Criminology Editor, ResearchHub.

  • For applied research, ghost gun analysis with the Data Lab, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.


These documents describe and explain some of my approaches to the job:

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Another Supplement to Curriculum Vitae
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