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COADO is an association of criminology outlets that are open access but sans processing-charge for authors.

Published onJan 12, 2021

I started and ran the Criminology Open Association of Diamond Outlets, or COADO. “Diamond” publications are open access and sans APC or BPC. In late 2020, I began COADO; the following January, I made its website. I stopped working on COADO in summer 2023, which I hope to reinvent one day. You can see the website’s last version at,1 or in the iFrame below; it’s also archived on the Wayback Machine. At the end, the website has 1500< users and almost 3000 pageviews. The COADO homepage describes the group’s function; lists its members; and, shares “Resources” to help editors and publishers increase the quality of their diamond outlets.

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