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Utilitarian Learning & Science

Utilitarian Learning & Science is a startup used to continue and expand on the work I did for Criminology Open and CrimRxiv; its major outputs include "The Company Book" at

Published onJul 31, 2023
Utilitarian Learning & Science

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I am the founder and CEO of a startup, to-be formally incorporated, Utilitarian Learning & Science (ULS). It is the reincarnation of Criminology Open, my nonprofit. I am starting fresh with a new organization because my foci have changed: from criminology to all subjects, potentially; from open access outputs to no-cost-to-student learning materials, more broadly; from nonprofit to for-profit, for everyone’s benefit. Thus ULS’s mission is to advance the quality and quantity of open access outputs and, more broadly, no-cost learning materials for students. With CrimOpen, the major “work-product” (i.e., output) is CrimRxiv. With ULS, it will be You can click its link to learn more.

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