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Criminology Open

Criminology Open is a nonprofit corporation used to start and operate CrimRxiv, plus some other initiatives.

Published onMay 07, 2020
Criminology Open
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CrimRxiv is criminology's open access hub and repository.

I am the founder and CEO of Criminology Open Ltd (“CrimOpen”). Established 2020, it is a nonprofit corporation in Georgia created to house CrimRxiv. When CrimRxiv moved to the University of Manchester in 2023, CrimOpen fulfilled its purpose and so was dissolved. It was used to structure other initiatives (e.g., COADO), listed on The website’s last version, seen in the iFrame and on the Wayback Machine, outlines the nonprofit’s mission, initiatives, and governance. Before the end, the website has 120,000< pageviews by 15,000< users. It’s the original place of publication for guides that are now on CrimRxiv’s Pleas and How-To.

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