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Activities for Annual Review, 2023

Last updated January 25, 2024

Published onJul 25, 2023
Activities for Annual Review, 2023
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As professor of criminology at Georgia State University (GSU), my primary functions are teaching, research, and service.1 This page publishes (“makes public”) my work activities for annual review, 2023. I share this information to be more transparent and accountable; not for praise, but constructive criticism; not because I enjoy this (I don’t), but because the discomfort pushes me ahead. This is the second time publishing my annual activities, on the back of last year. Based on experience, I will continually try to improve these reports. Your feedback is welcome. Any corrections, additions, et cetera will be published on this page.


Faculty members are expected to provide instruction and student advising as assigned by the departmental chairman.2—GSU Faculty Handbook

I instructed these courses:

  • Social Science & the American Crime Problem (CRJU 2200), spring and fall

  • Digital Crime Problem (CRJU 3405), spring and fall

I advised these students:

  • As TA3 and RA,4 Chi-Chi Moneke and Deborah Ashokeji

  • As RA, multiple graduate students, undergraduate students, and a “Postdoc” as part of my grant with Maimon and Wu5

Evidence of my teaching effectiveness and student success activities:6


Faculty members are expected to participate in scholarly, research, and/or creative activities which enhance their professional development and contribute to their disciplines.7—GSU Faculty Handbook

I enhanced my professional development, and contributed to my discipline, with this newly-accepted, -funded, and presented-research:

  • Gravel, Jason, Eden Kamar, Talia LaSane, Scott Jacques, and David Maimon. “The state of gun markets on encrypted markets: A descriptive analysis of the volume, price, and distribution methods.” Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia, PA, 2023.

  • Jacques, Scott. “Open access to journal articles of the American Society of Criminology: A little study to illustrate concepts and costs.” CrimRxiv.

  • Jacques, Scott. “Ranking the Openness of Criminology Units: An Attempt to Incentivize the Use of Librarians, Institutional Repositories, and Unit-Dedicated Collections to Increase Scholarly Impact and Justice.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 39: 371-386. [Open access postprint.]

  • Jacques, Scott, on behalf of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. “A proposal to save GSU students $1,000,000< on learning materials (by 2026) to increase their academic success and reduce their financial stress: A Plan to Automate the “Wallace Method” and implement it across the university.” Georgia State University Foundation Trustees (February, 2023–July, 2025). Funded $20,000. [Open access proposal.]

  • David Buil-Gil, Judith Aldridge, Scott Jacques, Eon Kim, Scott Taylor, Bill Ayres, Lukas Hughes-Noehrer, and Reka Solymosi. “CrimRxiv – The global open access hub for criminology.”8 University of Manchester Library, Open Research Accelerator Fund (September, 2023–July, 2025). Funded £20,000.

  • Maimon, David, Scott Jacques, and Yubao Wu. “[YEAR 2 OF] The Next Battlefield: Illicit Markets Hosted on Encrypted Communication Platforms.” Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis: A DHS Center of Excellence (July, 2023–June, 2024). Funded $228,663.

Also, I made enhancements and contributions with this existing grant:

  • Maimon, David, Yubao Wu, and Scott Jacques. “[YEAR 1 of] The Next Battlefield: Illicit Markets Hosted on Encrypted Communication Platforms.” Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis: A DHS Center of Excellence (July, 2022–June, 2023). Funded $200,000.


Faculty are to serve, as appropriate, on departmental, college, and University committees. In addition, they make discipline-related contributions to professional organizations or to the community. Faculty members perform University-related public service by conducting continuing education courses, by providing consultation, and conducting applied research.9—GSU Faculty Handbook

I served on these committees, and in these capacities, at GSU for the:

  • Department, member of bylaws committee; member of 3rd-year review committee of [redacted]

  • College, representative on the Administrator Evaluation for the Dean of [redacted]

  • Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group, associate director

  • University, faculty champion of Affordable Learning Georgia

I made these discipline-related contributions for:

  • Community, director (through Feb 23) and associate director for sustainability (from Mar 23), CrimRxiv

  • Webmaster, Oral History of Criminology Project at

  • Professional organizations, member of ASC publications committee; panelist, Green Open Access Webinar, hosted by the Scientific Integrity Committee, ASC

I performed these university-related public services for:

  • Continuing education courses, Metaverse Meetings

  • Consultation, CrimRxiv Consortium

  • Applied research, see Maimon, Wu, and Jacques (above)


These altmetrics for 2023 (Jan 1-Dec 31) give a rough sense of my impact:

  • Students in my courses saved $111,600 on learning-materials10

  • My publications were cited 216 times11

  • My personal website ( received 38.5k pageviews, 22.7k users, from 170 countries

  • My platform ( received 141.4k pageviews, 73.8k users, from 198 countries

  • My international network ( was launched; at the end of 2023, it had 19 members from 5 countries


These documents describe and explain some of my approaches to the job:

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Another Supplement to Curriculum Vitae
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